1900s Tea Gown Edwardian Slow Fashion


by Victoria Shelg



Edwardian mornings are the most aesteticly soft, slow and beautiful time period. It could have been a whole 40-minute episode of a big-budget drama – but perhaps a teaser compressed into 1 minute evokes even many times more emotions and … awe? You know how goosebumps you get when you listen to music.

I lived this story. Watched three times. But even now, knowing what and how, my breath stops and is breathtaking from how we were able to bring this plot to life and achieve that fruitful spirit of unity and mutual understanding from a half-word, with which masterpieces are created.
The lady’s dress were designed and sewed by Victoria Shelg https://instagram.com/victoria.shelg based on the originl 1900-1903 sources
Director: @ekaterinavl6_artfoto
Operator: @photo_s_v_e_t_a
Cast: @victoriashelg , @angelishams