5 Fashion Trends from the 80s We Need to Bring Back 👖🧥💥


by Retro Renaissance



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Ready to turn up the fashion dial? In our latest video, we’re taking you back to the raddest decade of them all – the 80s! From the timeless denim and leather jackets to the electric neon hues, we’re bringing back the hottest fashion trends that deserve a place in your wardrobe. Whether you’re a rockstar at heart or simply want to inject some vintage vibes into your everyday style, these 5 must-have fashion staples – including band tees, pins and buttons, and ringer tees – will have you looking like an 80s icon in no time. So get ready to channel your inner Madonna or Michael Jackson and join us as we go back in time and explore the fashion trends that never go out of style!

00:00 Intro
00:14 Ringer Tees
02:43 Denim and Leather Jackets
07:01 Neon
09:53 Pins and Buttons


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