How Clothes Reveal the Secrets of a Persons Behavior


by Maria



Do you know that you can be judged by your clothing?  It is a tough task. Unfortunately there is no single piece or style that can make the person look complete or successful. Did you know there is a psychology of dress? Most of the researchers have reported that “the way you wear reflects the way you behave”.  Below is a psychology of dress that reveals the secrets of a person’s behavior.

If you wear each piece of clothing that you have bought in the past, then it reveals that you are sentimental and most of the time hang on to the past rather than living in the present. To come out of this, you have to ignore more than half of the items you own that may include items that are either too big or too small for you at this moment.

If you wish to wear only neutrals and prefer them, you are considered to be stuck in a psychological dilemma when choosing between two options. You may be confused as to whether or not to expose yourself. To get out of it, consider switching from your regular habits in small ways.

If you wear a dress which is too large for your body, then you may imagine your body differently than others see it. You can consider befriending honest people who have great impact on you and ignore appearances.

If you have been told that you aren’t dressed properly, yet you wish to wear same for each occasion, it may show that you do not worry about the facts. To change this type of mentality you can choose dresses that better suit your body and occasion.

If your dress is too young for your age, then you might be trying to look younger than you are. But you will be betrayed by your internal age. This type of person may concentrate on wearing clothes that complements them and should simply stop worrying about their age.

If you wear work clothes even when not at work, then you would be considered to be in love with your profession and comfortable in work environment.

If you always wear designer pieces, then you want to appear rich and pampered in society. You have to know that people value you for what you are not for what you have.

If you love to wear your mom’s outfits, then you might strive to put the needs of your family first.

There are many books of psychology of dresses available on the market. You can gain a better understanding about how the way you dress reflect can your mentality by reading such books. You can buy these books online. The best advice is to wear clothes that reflect your personality and character, and to avoid trying to follow or wear clothes which you aren’t comfortable in.

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