Man Born in 1853 Talks About Childhood in the 1860s- Enhanced Video & Audio [60 fps]


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This is Elihu Thomson, engineer and inventor born on March 29, 1853. In this video, he talks about some childhood memories while living in Philadelphia in the 1860s. It was filmed on June 21, 1932. This video has been colorized, speed-adjusted and restored with audio enhancements for clarity.
Note: Thomson meant to say “75 years ago” rather than “65 years ago” in the beginning. His family shipped over to America in 1857.

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Elihu Thomson was born March 29, 1853, in Manchester, England. His father,
who worked as a mill mechanic, was thrown out of work in 1857 and decided to
emigrate to the United States. In 1858 the family settled in Philadelphia,
where Elihu grew up. His father’s work as a mechanic stimulated Thomson’s
interest in mechanical and chemical processes. From his early teens he read
widely, built models, and conducted simple chemical experiments. At
Philadelphia’s Central High School Thomson was an outstanding student who
attracted the interest of his instructors. Upon graduating in 1870 he was
offered a teaching position at the school.

Between 1870 and 1880 Thomson taught high school in Philadelphia. At the same
time he and a fellow teacher named Edwin J. Houston experimented with
electricity and succeeded in building a practical electric arc lighting
system. In 1879 a group of New England businessmen took an interest in
the Thomson-Houston arc lighting system and offered to finance its fabrication.
In 1880 Thomson moved to New Britain, Connecticut, as the company’s chief
engineer. By 1881 Thomson had designed the best arc lighting system in the
country, but sales were slow. In 1882 a group of Lynn, Massachusetts,
businessmen purchased the company and changed the name to the Thomson-Houston Electric Company.

For this video, I colorized it using AI optimization software, interpolated it to 60 frames/second, speed-adjusted it and refined it with De Blur, Sharpness and Stabilization. For the audio, I remastered it using noise gate, compression, loudness normalization, EQ and a Limiter.

This video is made for educational purposes for fair use under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.


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