Straight from the Forest: The Lumbersexual


by Maria Tunix



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“Though he works for a software company he looks like he just walked out of the forest:  His beard is shaggy, (he wears) the boots and shirt of a lumberjack.  The Lumbersexual man, with his savage style,  is displacing the Metrosexual in the urban landscape.”
-From the opening paragraph of a fashion feature we recently read in Cochabamba’s “Los Tiempos”:
It seems that the Spanish-speaking media recently picked up on the what has been developing trend over in fashion:  The rise of the Lumbersexual.
For a primer on what exactly constitutes modern Lumbersexual style, Tom Puzak, writing over at, helps to define it in the following article:
Where did it all start?  While Lumberjacks have always been admired, especially here in the Land of Giants we think that the seeds for this 21st century version of “Paul Bunyan goes hipster” fashion, at least in the Portland area, may have been planted by the Portland Timbers in 2011, who draped the city with images of men, women, and children wielding chainsaws and axes.

Or perhaps this generation has now decided that icons like Monty Python’s Lumberjack and Red Green are in:

The Lumbersexual is now out of the Forest and into the Urban landscape.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

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