What Men REALLY Wore in the 1910s


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Do shows like “Downton Abbey” and “Peaky Blinders” get their fashions right? Here’s what men truly wore in the 1910s: https://gentl.mn/what-men-wore-1910s

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→ Script & Additional Footage: Aaron White
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster
→ ITV Studios
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→ Denis Shiryaev

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00:00 1910s Men Fashion & Style Introduction

In recent history, there was a burst of period dramas staged after the Edwardian period. They all have different costumes based on budget or artistic vision, but did these productions get menswear right in terms of period accuracy?

Of course, in different countries, men wear different things based on climate, culture, or fashion. In this post, we’ll focus mainly on American fashions and compare them to European styles.

00:56 Hats
A hat is not a hat, and men in the 1910s wore very different ones for different reasons.
** 01:23 Top Hat
** 03:37 Bowler Hat
** 04:15 Boater Hat
** 04:45 Panama Hat
** 05:25 Homburg Hat
** 06:05 Fedora Hat
** 06:40 Flat Cap
07:14 Glasses & Eyewear
In 1910, eyewear was more varied than it is today. There were just different types of eyewear that were acceptable to wear in public.
08:10 Shirts
A shirt with detachable collars in the 1910s, and you would attach the collar with collar studs; a wider one in the front because you have four layers of fabric, a slimmer one in the back because you have just two layers of fabric. Not only were the collars at the time starched and stiff, but they were also much taller than they are today.
11:49 Ties
They were shorter, wider, much thinner. Sometimes, they were called scarves, not necessarily tie or necktie, and the knot was typically rather small, which makes sense because the interlining wasn’t very thick, and the spread of the collar was very narrow.
13:14 Waistcoats & Vests
Back in 1910, they were typically quite a bit shorter. Trousers or pants had a much higher rise, and the goal was just to cover the waistband. The waist typically stopped at your natural waist and would not go past your hips.
14:13 Jackets
The average factory suit in 1910 was of much better quality than it is today. There were no glued canvases. It was all a proper, interlined, sewn canvas. Even though machines were used back then and things like the pad stitching were all machine-made, the quality was still superior to most suits today.
16:58 Trousers
Back then, men wore what you would today call a pair of dress pants, dress trousers. Typically, they had a high rise that would be about an inch or two and a half, three centimeters above your belly button or natural waistline.
19:12 Shoes & Boots
Balmoral boots that were laced high above the ankle were popular for men, so were button boots and Chelsea boots.
20:22 Accessories
The most popular ones in 1910 were probably the pocket watch, the walking cane, a tie stick pin, and, of course, watch chains.

What Men Wore For Special Events
Even though the tuxedo was around since the 1860s for formal wear, proper White Tie was likely still the number one choice in 1910. Later on, the tuxedo would become more popular, especially in the US.

21:19 Outfit Rundown


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