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tumblr aesthetics from the 2010s 🤓💻🎀

back at it again with another video about 2010s fashion. today we're taking a look at different aesthetics that were popular on tumblr during the 2010s from kawaii to soft grunge to hipster. we examine everything about these styles from their origins to their...

the 2010s were an AWFUL time for fashion 🤗☕️👗

I SAID WHAT I SAID!!! this was my first try at a scripted long-form video so do forgive any audio issues or confusing sentences, i'll do better next time!! i had a cold when i filmed this so i sound a bit stuffed up (at least i hope it was the cold and that i don't...

Fashion Accessories 2010

Δείτε τα πιο "hot" αξεσουάρ μόδας για το 2010! Aπό το εληνικό site e-gynaika.gr source