5 Ways to Become More Body Confident


by Maria



It can be common for women to have a negative outlook towards their own appearance. This can be devastating as a lack of body confidence can lead to a severe drop in mental health, as your outlook on your body is heavily tied to your ability to be happy. Today we will be looking into how to become more body confident through the use of fashion.

1. Choose the Right Clothes

Oftentimes just having the right clothes available to use can be a great aid for body confidence, as you can bring out what you find best in yourself.

2. Dress Comfortably

If you have trouble being confident in your body, you may choose to wear clothes that aren’t quite to the needs of your body. Doing the opposite of this, however, can help you in numerous ways.

  • Restrictive clothing can make you feel uncomfortable, leading to a drop in mood that can cause you to be more negative towards your body.
  • More loose-fitting clothing can allow you to feel free and can even allow you to show off whatever aspects of your body you are most proud of.
  • Choosing comfort over style is overall more healthy for your body and can make you look forward to dressing up rather than dreading every time you have to force on that overly tight dress.
  • Fabric is an important part of any piece of clothing, and everyone has their own preferences in this case. Make sure to avoid fabric that you don’t find comfortable even if it’s the perceived hottest fabric to wear right now. Instead, choose a fabric that makes you feel at home in your clothes.

3. Wear What You Love

It can be common to choose whatever clothes are popular at the moment and roll with it, but this can lead to the poor mindset that you should compare how you look to others. Instead, picking out something that is more unique and fits your own style is better.

Choose one of your favorite colors when deciding on how you dress. Maybe red is the new hot color this week, but if you just don’t like the look of red you shouldn’t force it into your wardrobe. Instead, make your color the hottest color in your wardrobe and wear it with pride. You’ll feel much happier with your outfit and overall look if you just decide on the color you want to wear

Pick out clothes that let you flaunt your favorite part of your body. Body confidence is all about focus and focusing on what you think is your body’s flaws will make every piece of your wardrobe feel like something to hide behind. Instead, look at yourself and decide what makes you beautiful, and dress accordingly with your strengths. Making your body an asset to show off rather than a flaw to hide will improve your body confidence as you dress up in your favorite clothes.

4. Accessorize

If you have accessories that you love to look at, put them on and show them off even if the occasion doesn’t call for it. Accessories that make you happy can help you feel more confident in yourself as you can view them on yourself. Like with everything else, make sure not to focus on what is popular just because it is popular and instead choose something of your own. Following someone else’s fashion does nothing for you unless you love it yourself.

5. Change Your Behavior and Body Language

While it might sound too simple to just think differently about your body, there are certain mindset changes that can help you if you want to be more confident about your body, no matter how you look and what about your body is bothering you. Even if you don’t feel as confident as you can be with your own body, simply walking with style or holding your head up high can make you feel so much better than you would otherwise. Little mindset and behavioral changes like this can bring out the best in your body and make you feel all the better. In a way, perspective can really change how confident you are in your body, and maybe making yourself act and look confident can be all the change you need to really feel that confidence in yourself that you desire.

Many women struggle with finding confidence in their appearance every single day, and your overall fashion sense can be a big way to deal with this if you yourself are having trouble. Try the various changes stated above to see if any of them work right for you. Sometimes all you need to feel that confidence that you’ve been yearning for is a new comfortable dress that lets you show yourself off rather than hide your body, all while walking with a smile on your face and a confident spring in your step.

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