7 Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe


by Maria



Everyone wants a wardrobe that looks orderly and neat. However, getting it organized can be difficult for many different reasons. Maybe you don’t know what to keep and what to get rid of. Or maybe you have so many garments you do not know where to start! Decluttering your closet can assist save you time and give you simplicity in your own personal style. Here, we have discussed some tips on how to declutter your wardrobe effectively.

1. Put away your out-of-season clothes 

Unused clothes take a lot of space in your closet. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to take some time and sort out what you have. Pack up all the clothes that you do not require for the next few months. For instance, if it is summer, pack up your sweaters and snow boots. If it is winter, then you need to pack up your beachwear. Ensure that you are packing clean clothes with no dirt or body oils on them. This is because fabrics that are dirty can become permanently stained with storage, hence they need to be cleaned first. 

2. Donate your old clothes 

Before you pack everything away, you need to pass on any garments that do not suit you. These might be some clothes that you purchased some years ago and are out of date. You need to ask yourself, “Will I ever wear it again? Does it matter? Does it fit?” this will help you to decide which clothes that you will get rid of. Do not let the clothes that you know you will never wear again congest your organized closet. As an alternative, you can donate these clothes to charity organizations or vend them at a second-hand store. 

3. Use a wardrobe organizing system for what is left

 You can decide to buy a closet organizing system that comes with storage options including bins, shelf dividers, and accessory drawers to suit your wardrobe needs. This wardrobe organizing system can work wonders as it will de-clutter your space and put good use of areas that are left wasted. You can hock skirts in one section, blouses, and jackets in another section, and pants in another, etc. In addition to that, a closet organizing system makes it simple to find a particular item as they keep the clothing in an orderly manner. It will maximize all available horizontal and vertical space while ensuring that the closet always appears decluttered and neat. 

4. Organize your small accessories

 Clothing such as scarves, belts, and even jewelry contribute a lot to cluttering your wardrobe. The good news is that you can find special organizers for such accessories. These organizers will also keep the closet items from creating problems in your wardrobe. You just need to take advantage of a special slide-out for the scarf, belt, and tie racks created to organize these accessories. Some organizers are specifically designed for fashion eyeglasses, pants, necklaces, and jewelry are also available. 

5. Leave room for a hamper

 A messy pile of dirty clothes can make your closet floor look clustered. It will also spoil your effort and time to and organize and cleanout. Built-in hampers are more convenient. Get a hamper that has several compartments to enable you to sort the laundry immediately as you change your clothes.

6. Get your shoes up off the floor

 If you have so many ever-changing shoes, consider adding shoe shelves, shoe cubbies, or shoe racks in your closet organization system. Ensure that the row of shelves is wide enough to allow you to store several pairs of shoes across. Keep off dressy shoes and off-season shoes in boxes on the top shelf of the wardrobe because you will no longer require them every day. You can also opt for a rotating closet system if your shoe collection is extensive. That way, you will be able to keep up to 200 pairs of shoes ready for use and organized.

7. Utilize space with hooks

 Hooks are a very economical and practical addition to any closet. There are many types available. Consider specialty hooks that can organize your backpacks, necklaces, ties, belts, purses, and more. You can also use hooks to take advantage of a wall or narrow space behind the door that cannot be used for shelves. They come in different finishes and sizes to match any closet.

We hope that these tricks on How to Declutter Your Wardrobe will assist make it easier to declutter your wardrobe. Decluttering clothes can be challenging, but with a few tips and tools, it can be simple to let go and enjoy a streamlined wardrobe your love.


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