Buying Clothes Online – Best Trend Ever or Bad Idea?


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Online shopping has become the new normal today ever since the pandemic emerged. With many physical stores closed, most people prefer to purchase items online without worrying about contracting the virus and social distancing concerns.

While online shopping has numerous advantages, several pain points can make you think twice about procuring your stuff online, especially clothes. Some of these pain points are unfitting clothes, delayed delivery, lengthy refund processes, and exhausting customer services.

Buying clothes in physical stores is usually a fun endeavor for many people. They can quickly try out multiple outfits and be sure of selecting the perfect fits. Now that this is not an option for many people today, most people are forced to buy clothes online.

Though is this a good or a bad trend? And how can you ensure you’re buying the correct clothing sizes? Luckily, there’s always a solution for everything. Kindly keep reading to discover more about purchasing clothes online and how to ensure you buy the correct clothing sizes.

Most online shoppers will give you different answers to this question. Some will say it’s a good trend, while others will not agree. However, you can decide whether is trend is the best one by checking the advantages and disadvantages of buying clothes online.

Some of the merits you’ll enjoy for procuring your outfits online are:

  1. Better Prices

Most online clothes are relatively cheaper because they’re directly sourced from the sellers and don’t involve second parties. Online stores also provide discounts and refunds that you can hardly get on physical stores.

  1. Wide Choice

Online shops usually have vast clothes choices from numerous sellers and brands, all assembled in one location for you to quickly access.

  1. High convenience

Unlike the physical clothing stores, you can shop for clothes online, even at night time. You also don’t need to wait for an assistant or queue to get services.

  1. Safety

Shopping online is safer now than going to physical stores due to less interaction with people who may be having Coronavirus.

  1. Easy to compare prices

Comparing and researching prices online tends to be easier than when visiting a store manually. It’s also easy to get products review from other customers who have shopped the item before you.

  1. Fewer expenses

Online shopping eliminates other expenses like transport costs, impulse buying, and food costs you’d have used when visiting a physical clothing store.

The disadvantages of purchasing clothes online are:

  1. You can get an unfit size.
  2. A complicated returns process
  3. You’ll spend most of your time online
  4. Scammy websites
  5. Lack of sales assistance

So clearly, the benefits of ordering clothes online outweigh the demerits. Therefore, this trend isn’t that bad as some people think. On the upside, all the above disadvantages are avoidable.

Below are the best online tips to help you have a smooth and successful online shopping for clothes.

Four Effective Tips For Purchasing clothes Online

You can have an optimal experience buying your outfits online if you know the best place to get them and how to select the right size for you. Here are four tips you should remember before buying your outfits online;

  1. Use reputable clothing apps

Several clothing apps are offering bespoke and high-class clothing services today. Examples of these apps are ASOS, ThredUp, Zara, Etsy, Gilt, Target, and Stitch Fix. For precise sizes and tailored clothes, you can opt for Stitch Fix, which offers personal clothing styling services for all its customers.

Stitch Fix usually sends customers several clothes to try on basing on their styles. It’s up to the customers to select those they’ll keep and return.

  1. Read reviews

What other customers about a product are mostly genuine. With reviews, it’s easy to know the comfort, condition, and durability of clothes you intend to buy,

  1. Measure your size and examine size charts

The biggest concern for most people when buying clothes online is normally the fit. If this is your worry, it’s best your measure yourself beforehand and remember to check for size charts to buy the correct clothing size.

  1. Plan for shipping

Most online stores usually will indicate the approximate delivery time of products after ordering. Usually, it can take about 1-7 days to ship online products, or even more for international purchases. So, it’s best to order a product earlier before a set event to avoid inconveniences.

Online shopping has eased the clothes buying process for many people. Purchasing clothes online is convenient, cheap, offers a wide clothing choice, and eliminates the added expenses you’d have used while shopping physically.

However, online providers should address all the pain points consumers face to retain their buyers when the pandemic subsides, and physical shops reopen.

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