How to Pack All Your Fashion Into a Carry-On: 11 Tips


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We live in a society where we are always on the go. With work to do and places to see, looking good is no exception. Being stylish doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Packing a carry-on suitcase can be difficult because you don’t want all that extra weight when traveling by plane or for other purposes. One word of advice, though: traveling with a carry on is a wise decision because it is pretty much impossible to find clothes that fit in an airplane bathroom. Here are some guidelines that will help make your travel much more stylish while keeping it as light as possible:

1) Bring versatile clothes

Versatile clothes give you two options in one item of clothing. For example, a pair of jeans with different washes is perfect for going out at night and wearing casually during the day. A hoodie can be worn during the day as a casual piece or to sleep in at night.

2) Don’t pack too many shoes

Packing too many shoes is one of the most common packing mistakes you can make. Instead, opt for practical yet stylish sneakers that are comfortable to walk in and easy to match with any outfit. Another great alternative is boat shoes. They are often made out of leather, making them very durable and comfortable to wear all day long without rubbing your feet raw.

3) Layer up but don’t overdo it

Believe it or not, layering different pieces of clothing gives you more options than packing multiple outfits. Wear T-shirts or simple sweaters underneath jumpers or cardigans. This will ensure you are warm when needed but light enough to be carried around.

4) Choose the right luggage

No matter how much you love that designer bag, it might not have wheels, and it is very unlikely it’s a carry-on. The most important thing to remember is if it doesn’t have wheels or can’t fit in an overhead compartment, don’t bring it! Your luggage needs to be versatile, so if one piece of luggage can replace multiple pieces, opt for that; otherwise, pick practicality over fashion any day.

5) Bring versatile outerwear

Packing your trench coat is always a great idea because there are endless ways of wearing them, like having the collar popped up during the day or folded down while it’s raining. An oversized scarf is perfect for chilly mornings while being stylish during the day.

6) Keep your outfits simple

The simpler, the better. Don’t bring too many unrelated pieces because you want to be comfortable on your trip not feel like you are wearing a costume. You don’t have to pack plain T-shirts but avoid anything else that stands out too much from any other piece of clothing in your suitcase. This will ensure everything goes together without looking too matchy-matchy or trying too hard to look stylish.

7) Make sure each outfit works with all the others

Before filling your suitcase with clothes, make sure each outfit can work with at least two other outfits, so you always have the flexibility to change your look during your trip.

8) Stay away from visible logos, patterns, or text on clothes

Yes, that pocket logo on your bag is cute, but not when everyone can see it! Make sure any visible logos are toned down by keeping solid colors underneath, and wear a thick cardigan over a graphic tee. Avoid anything with discernible patterns because matching outfits will be harder this way, and make sure there aren’t too many words or accessories like hats, scarves, etc.

9) Don’t forget the basics.

We all love those special pieces of clothing we own but don’t forget about those basics that go with everything. White tees, blue jeans, and simple cashmere sweaters should always be included.

10) Bring travel-sized toiletries

This is one of those things that can be a total pain, but if you cut down on the volume of your toiletries by using smaller bottles, they will take up less space in your bag and will weigh a lot less too. This way, there is no need for a bulky makeup case either, so it’s a win-win.

11) Choose neutral colors

They are the safest bet as they can go with anything but also make sure you bring clothes that make you feel good, even if it’s bright red or yellow! If this is not your style, then another option can be brown because of its timelessness. When it comes to black, be careful of looking too harsh, so try wearing lighter-colored clothes underneath to break up all that darkness. Alternatively, opt for different shades of black rather than actual black – this will give your look more life instead of making it monotonous This rule does not apply to shoes.

In conclusion, you can get a lot of mileage out of your clothes by choosing the right travel clothing. Choose pieces that are multifunctional and easy to pack in carry-on luggage for maximum style while traveling.

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