LadyUmbrella – Spanish Style with an Irish Twist


by Maria



LadyUmbrella, the brainchild of Rob Ryan and Elena Montes, is a refreshing blend of what we like to call Spanish Style with and Irish Twist.  Their t-shirt (or, as we prefer to think of them, tunic) designs, as the name suggests, combines a lady and, well, an umbrella.

LadyUmbrella’s New Collection, along with some of their classics, courtesy of LadyUmbrella
The Lady Umbrella, according to their website, came into being in the following manner:
The brand LadyUmbrella came to be as a direct result of the wet Irish weather. Elena, who had lived most of her life in Madrid/Barcelona arrived in Ireland during the dark, wet, winter months of 07 and saw streets laiden with umbrellas. The quantity of umbrellas obscured and hid peoples faces – LadyUmbrella was born
Having lived in both Barcelona and Portland, Oregon, where the rainfall may rival that of Ireland, the design makes perfect sense to us.  To the outsider, we can only explain it in the following way:  The rain does strange things to your psyche.  In this case, it has inspired a truly unique, high quality T-shirt, and a wonderfully quirky company.

Take a look at their new designs at and place your order today.  They offer free shipping anywhere on the planet, proving that Umbrellas really can fly.

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