Most Beautiful 1910's Actresses – Edwardian Fashion Icons Hairstyles Headbands 1914 Cigarette Cards


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Most beautiful Edwardian movie and stage actresses immortalized on these rare trade cards. Was your grandma an Edwardian actress? Please comment if you are related to any of the actresses in this card series, thank you. These cards are great for those interested in 1910’s entertainers and Edwardian fashion, hairstyles etc .

Issuer: Godfrey Phillips
Issue Title: British Beauties (1-54 cards)
Issue Year: 1914

Includes the following Edwardian fashion icons: Ivy Close, Gladys Cooper, Iris Hoey, Zoe Gordon, Marjorie Palma, Dorothy Haswell, Cylene Moxon, Phyllis le Grand, Kathleen Vincent, Hilda Lewis, Gwennyth Hughes, Gertrude Palmer, May Etheridge, Pearl Aufrere, Violet Hawkins, Violet Thomas, Cicely Debenham, Kathleen Vincent, Hilda Lewis, Pearl Aufrere, Kathleen Vincent, Kathleen Vincent, Hilda Lewis, Phyllis Dare, Isobel Elsom, Ivy Close, Maudi Darrell, Pearl Aufrere, May Kinder, Gladys Cooper, Lilly Maxwell, Peggy Kurton, Raven Hill, Kathleen Vincent, Lilly Maxwell, Pretty Murgle, Mirabelle Hillyer, Patricia Collinge, Isobel Elsom, Constance Worth, Peggy Kurton, Ivy Shilling, Elsie Scott, Gladys Ivery, Ethel Lewis, Ivy Shilling, Gladys Cooper, Lily Elsie, Ivy Kenrick, Betsy Chandler, Culene Moxon, Gladys Cooper, Joe Howard


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