What Men REALLY Wore in the 1900s (1900-1909)


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Let’s go back in time and see what men really wore during the 1900s: https://gentl.mn/what-men-wore-1900s

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00:00 1900s Menswear Introduction

01:56 Hats:
→ One-piece flat cap
→ Bowler hat
→ Homburg hat
→ Panama hat
→ Top hat

06:20 Hair & Facial Hair

Some men simply cut their hair short, and others used ‘Hair Oil’ to flatten or style their hair.

A mustache, rolled with wax, was in vogue. Smaller beards could also be stylish. Large beards were reserved for older gentlemen and a clean-shaven face was prized for a youthful appearance.

07:44 Shirts

Shirts came in an array of different colors and patterns. Starched collars were very popular. Winged and standing collars were worn alongside rounded club collars and squared-off collars.

09:32 Ties

Neckties were much shorter as waistcoats were cut higher. Stick pins were worn in ties to keep them in place, and to add a bit of sparkle to the ensemble.

10:39 Odd Jackets & Suits

In the 1900s the morning coat started to take over from the frock coat, but younger men were stepping away from these varying jacket types. The lounge jacket was quickly gaining popularity.

14:11 Waistcoats or Vests

They are more commonly single-breasted and had 5 buttons. Detachable buttons and double-breasted waistcoats were also popular.

14:56 Trousers

The 1900s saw narrow ‘drainpipe’ trousers as the norm. Trousers typically had fishtails at the back and were worn with suspenders. However, this was the decade when American tailoring began to use belt loops.

16:14 Shoes & Boots

There was so much choice when it came to boots. You’d also find some low-cut shoes. Shoes like the Oxford became popular in this era as they were more casual.

18:40 Overcoats

It’s a misconception that only single-breasted jackets were worn, as double-breasted coats were very popular at the time. Fur shawl collars and velvet collars were a common sight.

20:31 Accessories

Pocket watches, with elaborate chains and fobs, would show a man’s class, sophistication & style. Walking sticks and canes were used. The common cufflink style was a solid gold or silver chain link. Men could be found wearing a variety of eyewear.

21:55 Occasional Wear

Well-to-do gentlemen would have owned much larger wardrobes with clothing intended for specific purposes such as evening wear or sporting clothes.

23:33 Outfit Rundown


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