Women's 1910's Fashion | Colorized 1917 Film


by glamourdaze



Titanic era 1910’s fashion show by Lucy Duff Gordon filmed in 1917.

Lady Gordon was a British fashion designer, who was on the ill-fated Titanic when she struck an iceberg and sank in 1912. She survived the experience, though facing criticism later. Her lifeboat had only 12 people aboard, seven of who were male crew members.
This may not be the most beautiful selection of 1910’s dresses of the period, especially the hideous fur stole near the end, but the post Edwardian shoes, hats and appliqued patterned stockings are exquisite.
We see 1910’s fashions as they were evolving towards the soon to be roaring 1920’s.
Music: Bittersweet Waltz ( YouTube Library) by Sir Cubworth.
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Remastered and Colorized by Glamour Daze using DeOldify.
DeOldify is an open-source deep learning project for colorizing and restoring old images and video.

You can also see a newer fully upscaled and frame interpolated edit of this film at 60 fps and 4K resolution. Link at the end.


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