5 Different Body Shapes & How to Dress for Each


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Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like something was off? Your clothes may be making you look frumpy, even though they fit your body perfectly. If this sounds familiar to you, then it might be time to check what type of body shape you have so that you can dress accordingly.

When you’re choosing outfits, it can be hard to decide what goes with what when you have an hourglass shape-and even harder deciding how to dress if your body is pear-shaped or inverted triangle-shaped. This article will give some tips on dressing for different body types.

The rule of thumb when trying to bring out your best features is to get clothes that fit your body. If you have wide shoulders, don’t wear loose-fitting tops. Instead, opt for fitted clothing. Also, the article will discuss what colors are best for each shape.

Every person is unique, so there isn’t a specific rule of thumb for dressing because every person has a different skin tone and bone structure. There are a variety of body shapes, and they can be inverted triangles, pear-shaped, hourglass, rectangular, or oblong.

1. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle is the broadest at the shoulders and tapers to a narrow waistline. This is the ideal shape for wearing off-the-shoulder tops. If you are wearing a shirt, the waistline should fit at your natural waist.

2. Pear-shaped body shape

The pear shape has a larger lower half than the body’s upper half. Tops should fit more snugly on the bottom half, while looser or flowing clothing is better for the top half.

3. Hourglass body shape

The hourglass body shape has a smaller lower half and larger top half. This body shape should wear tops that fit the upper part of the body well, such as blouses or shirts with straps. Clothing also needs to fit well on the bottom, such as skater skirts, pencil skirts, and fitted pants/jeans.

4. Rectangle body shape

The rectangle has an even amount of space on both halves and a narrow waistline. This body type should wear clothes that fit the chest, waist, and hips well or clothing fitted through these areas, while a looser or flowing dress can be worn for the bottom half.

5. Oblong body shape

This body shape has a long and slim upper half while the waistline is wider than the shoulders. Clothing should be fitted on the upper body, while looser or flowing clothing can be worn for the bottom half.

Each type of body shape should wear certain colors that will enhance its best features.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape: Colors such as bright red, orange, and yellow should be avoided; instead, go for more pastel colors or dark tones. These colors will make the top half of the body look larger while making the bottom half look smaller.

Pear-shaped Body Shape: This shape should wear brighter colors on the bottom half to create an optical illusion that shifts the eye upwards and away from the lower half. Colors such as purple, blue, and green should be worn on top, while darker colors should be worn on the bottom to help minimize the hips and thighs.

Hourglass Body Shape: This body shape is lucky because they can wear any color! Any color that does not bring attention to your waist or chest area will be great. Colors such as black, white, and grey are good because they will not enhance any features.

Rectangle Body Shape: This body shape should wear colors that bring out the widest part of the body. Colors such as yellow or orange can be worn to benefit this area. Wearing colors that bring attention down from the neckline will also help. For example, wearing red around the neck will help pull attention down to minimize a broad chest.

Oblong Body Shape: Colors such as purple, black, and blue can be worn with darker tones on top and brighter colors or white on the bottom to elongate the body. These colors will also help detract from a larger upper half of the body while drawing attention to a smaller lower half.

A woman’s most flattering features are usually their eyes, hair, skin tone, and accessory choices. Accessory choices must work well with your overall outfit because they add something extra to your look, which helps make you unique! In terms of your eye color, try wearing light eyeliners, bright or clear mascara, or colorful eyeshadow to bring out your eyes. Bright red lipstick is also great for bringing attention to the lips if they are a feature you want to draw out.

For hair, try wearing it down with waves instead of slicked straight back. This will help show off your hair’s natural texture and make it look fuller. Updos are great, too, but they can sometimes make hair look stringy or dull.

Skin tone should always be evened out by adding in bronzer, which brings life back into the face, while contouring can be used on any features you want to highlight, which could be cheeks, nose, etc. A good rule of thumb is that the more contrast between two colors (i.e., black and white or orange and purple), the more attention they will draw towards each other.

Accessories are great because they can be used to express your personality, which is what fashion is all about. For example, wearing big necklaces or sparkling earrings with an otherwise simple outfit can help enhance the entire look without changing anything else.

A woman’s body shape is what they were born with, so there are not many tricks to hiding it. It is important to wear clothes that fit well and do not bring attention to all your unwanted features. Always remember that you should feel comfortable in your clothes! Fashion styling helps these features stand out more, but style also comes down to confidence.

Allow yourself room for error by keeping things simple when creating outfits because sometimes simplicity will be the key ingredient to making a stylish ensemble.

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