How to Choose the Right Wedding Guest Outfit


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It is incredibly exciting to receive an invitation to a wedding. However, when the dress code makes you feel lost, it can be daunting. And why not, trying to find the difference between formal, semi-formal, and cocktail is seriously confusing. Even if the invitation includes a suggestion for a dress code, picking the right outfit is confusing.

So, if you are asking yourself “What do I wear?” you are not alone. In reality, it is the most common question that all guests have in their mind before attending the wedding. Below, you will find useful tips on how to choose the right wedding guest outfit.

Choosing the right guest wedding outfit

If you are not sure what to wear, there are a few tips that will help you find the right outfit. That way, you can have a stylish and appropriate look. Before you start shopping, follow these useful tips so that you know what to wear to a wedding.

Follow the dress code

This is an important factor that you should consider before buying an outfit. Understanding the dress code helps you to pick the right outfit. For example, if the dress code is black-tie, a black tuxedo is the only correct outfit.

So, the guest should wear a tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie, waist covering, a cufflink and stud set, and black leather shoes. However, for a daytime wedding, the outfit should be different. After you know about the dress code, you can decide what to wear.

Shop by season

The time of the day of wedding and season can provide fashion insight as well. The location and season of the wedding can help you indicate what you should wear. For example, if the wedding is on a beach, you don’t show up in a formal outfit.

  • Outfit for a summer wedding – You can wear a lightweight midi dress or sundress with sandals or heels, a short sleeve polo, or a button-down shirt tucked into dress pants or chinos with loafers.
  • Outfit for a fall wedding – A knee-length cocktail outfit, sleek jumpsuit would suffice. And, with crisp dress shirt tucked underneath a dark suit
  • Outfit for a winter wedding – If you intend to wear a sleeveless dress, you can wrap it up in a fur shawl to stay warm.
  • Outfit for a spring wedding – Floral prints and pastel colors are great choices that you can wear to a wedding.

Use the location as a guide

The location where the wedding is taking place may serve you with clues to what you should wear to the wedding. For example, the attire for an outdoor wedding held on a farm is different from what you should wear in an upscale ballroom.

Moreover, be mindful when you are visiting a wedding taking place in a religious facility. Also, the venue shows you what kind of footwear to wear. So, do some research about the venue so that you know what to expect.

Never wear white

You may consider this tip as the golden rule when you are attending a wedding as a guest. It is very important for the guests not to wear any shade of white unless they are specifically mentioned in the invitation.

In rare scenarios, the couple might request the guests to wear a white outfit to match a specific theme. For men, it is fine to wear a white shirt under a suit or tuxedo. However, you shouldn’t wear outfits with traces of white.

Moreover, don’t wear casual pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, or flip-flops. Following what not to wear on a special day help you avoid fashion faux pas.

Accessorize your outfit

While picking a nice suit or dress is only halfway done, accessories can improve the look completely. Jewelry, in the case of women, completes an outfit. Finding the right necklace or earring to compliment the dress pulls up everything.

A sleek belt, printed tie, or colorful pocket square improve men’s outfits. Moreover, a classic wristwatch can make the outfit even more gorgeous.

Alter the outfits that you already have

Alterations could be useful in what you can wear as a guest to a wedding. If you have a hectic wedding season, it is not wise to spend on new outfits meant for every event. You can alter pieces that you have in your closet and mix them up with accessories to create something new.


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