5 Easy Ways to Add Color to your Wardrobe


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Your closet is a beautiful and important extension of who you are. Curiously enough, according to some experts, it represents your mental and emotional state of being. The way you dress can add to your personality. While some of us are very comfortable with neutral tones for our wardrobe [think black, white, brown, and beige], many of us want to wear the rainbow without looking like the circus came to town. That is why this article is so important, to guide you in your quest of finding out how you can add a splash of color to your wardrobe while staying classy and effortless.

1.The Experiment

Color can be overwhelming, especially if you have not been using a lot of it in your clothing. Adding your favorite color to the mix can be fun. Observe which colors you gravitate towards. Pick a tiny accessory [like scarves for women or watches for men] that is cheap. Remember that it is an experiment, so you can splurge on quality once you arrive at the colors that you feel best suit you or the ones you find yourself drawn to regularly. You could get these in multiple colors of your choice. Be intentional about adding it to your outfit of the day when you get ready daily. Start with one color and then work your way up to colors or multiple pieces of the same color once you get the confidence to wear that shade. Take pictures to see how you look during this experiment, to arrive at a reasonable and realistic conclusion of your choice.

2.The Color Wheel (VIBGYOR/ROYGBIV)

When you think of color, what comes to mind? The rainbow. yes. Professional clothing and wardrobe stylists will tell you that the secret to getting it right with color is to start using a color wheel if you are at the beginner level of this game. If you cannot afford a professional stylist to guide you in this, just get a color wheel for yourself and look at it. The three main colors you will notice are the primary color triad- Yellow, red, and blue. Use the rule of the triad colors to come up with looks that will elevate your style. Triad colors are equally spaced on the wheel away from each other. Other combinations are similar colors (they lie side by side to each other ) and complementary colors(they lie directly opposite to each other mostly). Make sure you do not go overboard with color, but if you choose that route, a color wheel will help you look less like a clown and more like a tastemaker.

3. ‘Tis the Season

This is a method to figure out which colors go well with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. The method is just a guiding tool for you to figure out what looks best on you. You have full rights to stray from this should you feel like it. The season method talks about how your undertones are either warm like summer or cool like winter. Warm tones generally include anything that comes from the following colors- yellow, orange, dark brown. Cool tones include colors like blue. To know if you are a summer or winter, do the white paper test in natural light while standing in front of a mirror. If you look dull before the paper, you are of a warm undertone. If you look healthy and vibrant with the paper near your face, your undertone is cool. If you do not fall under/fall under both these categories, you might be neutral. Many factors need to be considered, but a simple way to find out which color suits you is to hold up the clothing item at the store, right below your face, and see if you look alive or dead. You are the best judge. Preferably do this in natural light to get an accurate idea of which color suits you best. A shade difference can make all the difference in the world.

Check the link out for a better idea:


4. Monochrome: The twist

This is good for those of you who are still getting used to color in your wardrobe. This will make for a muted yet colorful, easy transition into wearing more color. The usual suspects that one thinks of when one thinks of monochrome outfits are the neutrals like black, brown, beige, and white. While they are classy colors to bring out that polished monochrome look, there is a way to create the same look using your favorite colors. It’s all about choosing your favorite color and then infusing muted and bold shades of the same color into the look to best represent yourself. This creates a beautiful fade and infusion of color to a look that has, to be honest, gotten a little too common with just the neutrals involved. For example, if you like blue, get yourself a top, scarf, and pants that are all different shade variants of blue individually like navy, sky blue, and royal blue. Pair these up with white shoes and a white bag, and you’re good to go monochrome with a twist.

5. The Detail

We often talk about clothing when it comes to wardrobe. Accessories play a huge role in elevating a look from drab to fab. Once you have understood the colors that go well with your skin tone and season, start adding pieces of colorful accessories like belts, scarves, watches, socks, shoes, jewelry, hair bands, hats, gloves, ties, and bags/wallets that may be quirky, statement pieces with a bold color to complement your understated looks, or neutral colors to complement your bolder colorful clothes. An example would be to match your bag color with your belt and shoes. This is a foolproof way of looking polished and edgy. If you have on a black monochrome outfit, adding sunset orange shoes and a scarf to the look will add that pop of color that is needed to take it to the next level. Then there are textures, prints, and silhouettes to consider. These details will make a world of a difference depending on how they are layered and with what colors. Stick to jewel and earth tones if you want a more professional look, and you will never go wrong. If you ant quirk, then the colors of the rainbow are the answer. You have to align these choices and details to your lifestyle, so do not follow trends but instead make this experience your own based on what you need.

The trick to getting this right aside from following the above guide on How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe is to hang up your newly edited wardrobe in your closet and display everything you have from clothes to accessories to shoes. This allows you to visualize the looks you want to create and helps you use everything you have without feeling like you have nothing to wear. Stick to bright colors that are block colors and bold. If you are a print person, get some fun prints but do not go overboard. A cute yellow polka-dotted shoe must be the highlight of your outfit and not the piece that makes your look overwhelming to the onlooker. In the end, have fun with colors, the way that you feel right because the rules won’t matter if you do not feel good in what you wear.

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