7 Tips to Create a Capsule Wardrobe


by Maria



Capsule wardrobes are made up of a few key pieces that are ageless and never go out of style.. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “capsule wardrobe,” it refers to a collection of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks. Typically, you wear a capsule wardrobe for three months and then change it for the next season after that time. Many minimalists believe that a capsule wardrobe should consist of a set number of pieces ranging from 20 to 40 for the whole year, but I disagree. A capsule wardrobe should have been tailored to your lifestyle, with items that make you happy and that you want to wear over and over again. The objective of creating a capsule wardrobe for ourselves is to develop an effortless style so that getting dressed every day is simple and stress-free! Following are a few simple actions to take.

STEP 1: Examine Your Style And Way Of Living.

Knowing our style is the most crucial stage in creating a wardrobe that you will like. You may use this style of the survey to obtain a general idea of what style you like in your daily life. Consider the following questions:

  • What do I do for a living?
  • What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?
  • What are the most common essentials in my wardrobe? Do you wear them, or do they merely take up room in your closet and go unused for months?

These basic questions will help you get started so that you may become more conscious of what you have and how to purchase wisely in the future.

STEP 2: For 30 Days, Keep Track Of What You Prefer To Wear.

There are several methods to accomplish this, like physically recording what you wore each day in a journal, or using an app like Clad well, which allows you to do so relatively effortlessly via their subscription service.

STEP 3: It’s Time To Clear Up Your Closet!

You’ll have a better grasp of your existing capsule wardrobe that currently exists in your closet after noting what you wore effortlessly for thirty days. There is no magic number; a capsule is about choosing the items you want to wear, and you’ll have lovely formal gowns to wear once a year to a wedding, as well as your sportswear and sleepwear. These aren’t included in your capsule; Consider your capsule as a “go-to” rack of items that you like wearing daily and that are appropriate for your lifestyle. With that in mind, cleaning out your closet is a breeze:

  • Make a pile of anything you enjoy wearing and that makes you feel fashionable (this pile will become your starting point for completing your capsule wardrobe)
  • Make a pile of everything you’ve been putting off wearing including anything you haven’t worn in the last 1 month.

The second pile requires the most effort; now it’s time to sort everything else into categories. Take a look at each item before sorting it into categories to make sure that the idea of wearing it someday makes you happy. If it merely makes you feel guilty or like you have to wear it for “x reason,” I’d just get rid of it. Sort your clothing into the following categories;

  • The essentials for the whole year
  • Summers and springs
  • Donation/sale pile
  • the autumn and winter

Keep track of how many products you have in each category and decide whether to make a year-round capsule or seasonal capsules. We all have different lives; the essential thing is to maintain the clothes that we enjoy wearing. When the seasons change, your old clothing becomes your “new capsule” without the need to shop, which I find relaxing and enjoyable!

STEP 4: Create A Color Palette To Guide Your Future Shopping Or Define Your Colors.

A color palette is optional, but it is quite beneficial when creating a capsule wardrobe since it serves as a purchasing guide for the future. After the monthly plan, you’ll know which colors you prefer to wear the most, so they may become part of your color palette reference guide, and the next time you buy anything, you’ll have a guideline for shopping for colors that fit in with what you currently own.

STEP 5: Make A Plan For Your Capsule And A Wish List For Missing Goods.

It’s time to build a visual or mental map of your capsule or capsules to assist you to purchase less now that you’ve chosen your necessities and given what you don’t enjoy. Let’s assume you discovered that many of your “all year essentials” can be worn in the fall and winter when you sorted your items into categories. Now you don’t have an excuse to buy a new sweater; instead, try different layering techniques and challenge yourself to wear your sweaters in every season. You could have discovered during your closet purge that you don’t have enough fresh and breathable shirts for spring, so develop a wish list of how many more items you believe you’ll need to finish your spring capsule.

STEP 6: Before You Feel Compelled To Buy Anything New, Re-wear It.

If you attempt to wear anything and you don’t feel confident or attractive while wearing it, it’s fine to toss it out and donate it to someone who will enjoy and wear it more than you. Our closets are never ideal, and we have a hard time letting go of stuff because we aren’t used to it. Even if it was something you liked to use in the past, let rid of anything that doesn’t boost your confidence or make you feel good. Our bodies develop and change, and so do we, so it’s perfectly fine to let go.

STEP 7: Invest In Quality Over Quantity; Your Clothes Should Not Be As Expensive As A Cup Of Coffee.

If you want to become a more deliberate shopper, you should educate yourself on the quality of textiles used in clothing as well as the consequences of discarding clothing. Re-wearing is the most effective way to decrease your fashion footprint. If you must buy anything new, consider shopping secondhand or supporting ethical and ecological businesses that use recycled materials as well as natural and organic textiles to create clothing. Sustainable clothes can be more expensive but this is only because sustainable businesses pledge to pay their workers a living wage and utilize premium, natural, or recycled materials. Clothing should not be as expensive as a cup of coffee. We must learn to pay reasonable rates for goods.


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