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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a difficult task. Jeans are often tight-fitting, which makes finding the right size tricky. People’s body types differ dramatically, so even if you’re shopping in your correct size, it might not fit how you expect it to. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body type.

1) Get Measured.

Before you even go shopping, make sure that you get properly measured for your jeans! There are some excellent how-to guides online, but the basics involve standing with your feet together and having someone measure around your waist where your pants typically sit (at the belly button). It’s also a good idea to bring in something that fits well when you’re being measured – this ensures that there is no weight fluctuation/muscle gain.

2) Support Your Apple.

If you’ve ever seen an anatomical drawing of how people store fat on their bodies, most people would likely fit into the “apple” category. These fat deposits are how our bodies store energy, but unfortunately, apple-shaped bodies tend to have extra weight rolled onto the belly. This means that we tend to carry extra weight around our middle. This often means that jeans fit differently around this area compared to how they fit elsewhere on the body.

If you are an apple shape, you will typically need a larger waist size – if your waistband is cutting into your flesh, it’s too tight, and if you’re able to slip more than two fingers underneath it quickly, it could be considered too loose. You might also experience sagging or bagging in the crotch area due to excess material at the front of the pants/jeans, which is not flattering for anybody! Additionally, tighter-fitting legs won’t work either, as this will emphasize how wide your legs are. You’ll typically need a roomier fit around this area so that they sit straight down from the waist without bagging or sagging.

3) Tuck It In.

If you are anything but an apple shape, tucking your shirt into your pants often looks sharp and pulled together. However, if you are an apple, it’s essential to avoid tucking in shirts as the extra fabric makes your body appear even wider – instead of choosing looser-fitting tops. Additionally, it is best to avoid wearing baggy jeans/trousers with a looser fitting top because they appear boxy or more significant than necessary. Depending on how long/short your legs are will affect how loose or tight of a fit you should go for with your jeans/trousers.

If your legs are short and stumpy, tight-fitting pants will look terrible on you as it will emphasize how stubby they are – opt for straight leg or wide-leg jeans that fit around the ankle to keep things looking proportional. If your legs are longer than average, find a pair of jeans that fits comfortably where your waist is at its smallest (usually around the belly button) and has some stretch to the material so that they fit like a glove.

4) Know Your Body Type.

Different body types require different cuts of jeans since how they fit our bodies differs. Here’s how each body type should choose their denim:

Pear-Shaped Body Types: These ladies typically carry their weight around the hips/thighs and sometimes their upper arms. This is extremely common for women with athletic builds. A nice mid-rise bootcut would work perfectly on this body type. The best type of jeans for you will be a straight leg or relaxed fit to allow extra room around the thighs so that there’s no twisting or gaping – however, avoid extra tight cuts as they can make your butt look flat and legs look stumpy.

Rectangle-Shaped Body Types: Rectangles tend to carry their weight evenly throughout their bodies, which means how low your waist sits on your hips is how big it needs to be to fit correctly. Women with this body type should opt for a higher waist cut than usual (high rise) to ensure that their jeans cover most of their belly and don’t slide down throughout the day.

Triangle-Shaped Body Types: These ladies typically carry their weight around the butt upper thighs, which means any cuts that hug these areas will be flattering. Bootcut, wide-leg cuts, and flares are all good options as they’ll enhance your shape in the right way – however, avoid very tight cuts.

When shopping for clothes, keep how clothes hang on your body in mind if you want to dress how you look – not how you think you look. Knowing how a specific cut of clothing will fit your body type is key to looking great and feeling confident about how you look! Please take a photo or two with how clothes hang on your best angles so that it can remind yourself what works well with your size/shape before going out shopping again.

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